• Made with Nitrile
  • Offers enhanced chemical splash protection.
  • Provides high levels of comfort.
  • Robust design for superior durability.
  • Silicon free design is paint and finish process friendly.
  • Ansell TouchNTuff®Powder-Free Glove is in the category of disposable glove.

    Disposable glove protect users from low-level risks for janitorial, general maintenance and light food processing tasks.

    It is important for choosing the best disposable glove. There are four type of materials which include Latex, Vinyl, Nitrile and Polyethylene(PE).

    The material of this powder-free glove is Nitrile. Nitrile is a strong but thin material. Nitrile is the most chemically resistant and puncture-resistant when compared to other. Yet, it is disposable glove materials. Nitrile has a greater comfort and tactile sensitivity than neoprene. Allergen, latex, and powder-free types to help reduce potential allergic reactions. It mold well with hands for tight fit. No residue left on your hands and is safe for extended use.

    • Besides that, proprietary Ansell material formulation offers enhanced chemical splash protection against a wide range of hazardous chemicals.
    • Furthermore, the soft nitrile provided in this TouchNTuff®Powder-Free Glove provides a high levels of comfort for wearer and renowned for superior comfort and durability.
    • Moreover, TouchNTuff®Powder-Free Glove has a robust design for superior durability.
    • Other than that, silicone free design is paint and finish process friendly.
    • Ansell TouchNTuff®Powder-Free Glove is also available in packaging to fit vending machines.
    • This TouchNTuff®Powder-Free Gloves is suitable in Life Sciences, Food Processing, Automotive, Machinery and Equipment and Chemical industries.
    • In addition, Ansell TouchNTuff®Powder-Free Glove is also food safe which prevents food from contamination during processing. This glove has international food safe standard which refers the materials used are safe for food contact.